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Actuarial consulting, valuation and administration concerning all aspects of pension issues are our main focus.

Our services at a glance:


Consultancy services and analyses with respect to pension matters

  • Actuarial studies
    • Forecasts
    • ALM studies
    • Risk analysis
    • Demographic analysis
  • General consultancy services
    • Set up and reorganisation of pension plans
    • Assistance to employee representatives concerning restructuring processes
    • Contractual Trust Arrangement (CTA)
    • Analysis of workforce demographics
    • Advice on labour laws, tax laws, insolvency laws and social security arrangements
    • Training for board members on the “Fundamentals of Actuarial Mathematics”


Actuarial valuations

  • Valuation of
    • direct pension commitments
    • indirect pension commitments (support funds, pension funds)
    • similar obligations such as
      • long-service obligations
      • early retirement benefits
      • obligations related to phased retirement agreements
  • Actuarial reports according to German accounting rules
    • under tax-law
    • under commercial law
    • preparation of certificates for the PSVaG
  • Actuarial reports according to international accounting rules
    • IFRS/IAS 19
    • US-GAAP
    • UK-GAAP


Administration of occupational pension schemes

  • Certificates about vested entitlements
  • Calculation of compensation values in divorce proceedings (pension rights adjustment) and correspondence with the respective family court
  • Calculation of benefit amounts
  • Assessment of pension adjustments